Thursday, July 3, 2014

Meals on Wheels Party Favors Guidelines and my Craft Ideas

I have decided to write out all of my ideas of my monthly Meals on Wheels party favors. Some months I might make two party favors - but mostly I just make one a month.

Now if you are planning on calling a local Senior Center or Meals on Wheels and offer to make them monthly party favors - here are some simple guidelines:

1. Don't include food items - many seniors are on special diets

2. Don't make religion specific items for the holidays for example in December make a snowman craft

3. Make the party favors - so that they can be given to a gentleman or a lady

4. Package the party favor in a cute way so it seems like a special treat.

These are my Meals on Wheels ideas for the rest of the year - by planning my crafts I be organized and can watch for coupons and sales.

July - 4th of July Necklaces (Done)

July - mini summer themed card with drink umbrella (Done) The umbrellas will be opened up right before the little summer card is delivered. Inside of the card - I wrote "Stay cool this summer!"

August - little baseball paddle game (Done) On card - I wrote "Summertime is also Baseball time"

August - felt fish -  I need a goldfish cookie cutter to use as a tracing template

September - back to school themed treat - I am thinking pencils?

September - magnifying glasses

October - egg carton pumpkin - need 10 egg cartons (I guess I need to start saving them asap!)

October - witches broom pens

November - a turkey themed placemat and/or turkey bookmark

December - snowman or gingerbread man craft. Still deciding.....