Friday, November 15, 2013

Fall Floral Arrangements

Today I am going to a birthday lunch and I am bringing everyone a floral arrangement. I made the vases from tin cans - remove the labels and wash out your soup (or other type of can). You can also place the tin cans (minus the label) in the dishwasher.

Glue gun the entire can with twine. Then to add that extra touch I glued a pice of Fall themed ribbon, a burlap rose and a few orange rhinestones.

I bought the flowers at Trader Joe's. They always have beautiful fresh flowers at reasonable prices. I love the wild flower look. In fact I loved Kelly Clarksons wedding flowers.

These floral arrangements would also look fantastic on your Thanksgiving table. Or you could bring them to your Thanksgiving hostess. The kids can glue the twine onto the tin cans.

Happy Birthday MayAnne and Chantell!