Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pillow Talk - No, not the Doris Day Movie (I just needed a graphic!)

Although isn't Doris Day adorable? However, we need to talk about a serious matter - your bed pillows.

Yes, your bed pillows can be full of germs, bacteria and dust mites. Ick! Yet we lay our head on them every single night for seven or eight hours. I know super yucky!

Hopefully your sheets are being washed once a week in hot water. I wash everyone's sheets and blankets in hot water once a week. I also place the down duvets in the dryer for 20 minutes on high  heat once a week.

A good way to zap all the germs and bacteria is to throw your pillows in the dryer at least once a month on high heat for 20 minutes. This also makes your pillows fluffy.

Sweet Dreams..... on freshly cleaned and fluffed pillows!