Sunday, January 17, 2016

St. Tmothy Candy Bars

This week I am going to substitute teach 1st grade religion class at St. Timothy. Since the feast day of St. Timothy is on January 26th - we are susposed to teach a little lesson on St. Timothy. 

Since I am teaching 1st grade I decided to make the kids some St. Timothy candy bars - so that they can actually see what St. Timothy looks like and have a little treat to take home. 

These are so simple to make - they can be made for the feast day of a Patron Saint, a baptism or first communion.


Hershey bars

Wrapping paper in coordinating color



Picture of Saint 

Heavy scrapbook paper in coordinating color

Scalloped punch


Wrap the Hershey bars in wrapping paper that coordinates with your saint picture.

I used the standard sized Hershey bars - but in the past I have used the snack sized. I guess it depends on the size of the saint picture.

The first step is to wrap each of the candy bars. I like to wrap them with the ends showing. 

For this project I used silver wrapping paper. 

I cut out my St. Timothy pictures and using double stick tape adhered them to a silver piece of heavy scrapbook paper that was punched into a scallop shape.

Then using double stick tape simply adhere the scalloped shape to the middle of the candy bar.

I think the kids are going to like these little candy treats!