Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Treats for the 5th Grade Religion Class

If you have been following me on this blog or Instagram - you will notice that on Wednesday afternoons I have been substitute teaching a 5th grade Religion class. Today is the last Religion class of the year. So I made some cute bracelets from a bead kit that I bought from The bracelets say, "I am Strong with God." And they have a little silver cross.

The kit came with everything - string, pony beads, alphabet beads and the little cross. They were super simple to make.

I also made the kids some m&m tubes. The orange little tag says, "Pray." I wanted to remind them that they should be praying all summer. Before we have snack (yes, I always bring a small snack) someone has to say Grace.

These are just little take home treats.

And I also want to tell them that I will be praying for them to have a happy, healthy and faith filled summer.