Friday, December 10, 2010

Chocolate Covered Cranberries

I dipped some fresh cranberries in milk and white chocolate. I am planning on using them in a holiday nut mix.

First wash, dry and lay your fresh cranberries out on parchment paper. Toss any bruised or excessively small cranberries. Now stick a toothpick in each cranberry.

Now melt your chocolate and start dipping the cranberries one by one. Note: this can take a long time.

Once you dip the cranberry swirl it a little over the chocolate so that the excess swirls off.

Reminder: the cranberries must be throughly dry for the chocolate adhere. Place the chocolate covered cranberries on parchment paper to harden.

Also do not remove the toothpicks until the chocolate has completely hardened.

I placed the chocolate covered cranberries in tupperware to use in my holiday nut mix. I just add peanuts, almonds and unshelled pistachios. The cranberries add a little tart bite.

I think that the best place to buy nuts is Trader Joe's.