Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tennis Treats

I am Captain of both the PAC SUN  tennis team and the USTA tennis team (don't even ask - why?) So I always make little treats for the tennis team each week/match.  Every so often I can't make treats because I had to make 35 Pilgrim Hat cookies or 35 Heart shaped cookies on popsicle sticks for Christian's class. So this week I made both my treats for Thursday (PAC SUN) and Friday (USTA) today on Tuesday. I feel so organized.

So for the Thursday match I made a little Fall Trail Mix with peanuts, candy corn, fall colored m&m's and yogurt covered pretzel balls.

And I tied the cellophane bags with yellow polka dot ribbon and orange rick rack. I think this looks very Autumn.

For the Friday match I packed cellophane covered blueberry muffins and small packages of pretzels. I like to package something for breakfast like the muffin or perhaps a granola bar.

I had some cellophane bags in pink and red stripes. I used white satin ribbon, pink sheer ribbon and baby red rick rack.

I think they both came out really cute. I might even post these pictures on my tennis blog.